Migration of Old RealPort Version 2.x to 3.x in AIX (Migration Only)

NOTE: Run a full system backup prior to proceding with the driver upgrade.

Place and extract tar file in a separate directory (/tmp/migrate is used in the following example):

mkdir /tmp/migrate
cp 800068381P.tar /tmp/migrate
cd /tmp/migrate 
tar xvf 800068381P.tar
cp migrate.log migrate.bak

This process removes the existing driver and defines all existing devices. You may now proceed with installing the new RealPort driver.


Installing the new RealPort Driver

From smit:

Software Installation and Maintenance

Install and Update Software

Install and Update from LATEST Available Software

INPUT device / directory for software [/pathname or /dev/fd0]

Select /dev/fd0 for diskette or type full path to driver file location

SOFTWARE to install


PREVIEW only? (install operation will NOT occur)[no]

Commit software updates? [yes]

SAVE relpaced files? [yes]

Press [Enter] twice to proceed with installation.

NOTE: If attempting to install a newer version of the driver through smit and it fails to install, even if the old driver has been removed.

Smit will show:

Command: failed

Selected filesets

Will show the old version of the driver

installp: APPLYING software for:

Will show old version of the driver

restore: ...... Cannot open [dir]/[old driver file]: A file or directory in the path name does not exist

When smit performs a software install it creates a table-of-contents file, .toc, in the directory where the original software was installed from. The .toc file will contain a line with information about the previous software version. If the .toc file exsists smit will look at it to get the install information. The solution in order to install the newer driver is to remove the .toc file.


Reboot the AIX server.

Upon reboot all devices (tty''''s, lp''''s & sa''''s) will be made available.


Configuring the PortServer Unit for use with RealPort:

Login to the PortServer as root the set the following:

#> set port dev=prn auto=off ra=#-#
#> set flow altpin=on ra=#-#
#> b a=r
 <--- Reset the PortServer

*Note: ra = Range of ports to use RealPort, ie: 1-16)

Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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