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Mobile provider APN list

Below is a list of common APNs for various carriers that have been seen in the industry over the years.  This information is provided as a courtesy to customers with Digi cellular devices, who are unable to obtain APN information from their mobile providers.  Digi provides no guarantee of accuracy in this article, so double-check with the local mobile carrier/operator to ensure that the proper APN is being used for the SIM card.  

"The biggest APN List" (3rd party website):


AT&T (US):

broadband (mobile originated)
i2gold (mobile terminated)
isp.cingular (mobile originated)

O2 (UK):

Orange (UK):


T-Mobile (US and UK): (US)

Tesco-Mobile (UK):

Three (UK): (assigns private IP addresses, applies NAT, applicable to most devices)
3internet (assigns public IP address)

Verizon (US):

vzwinternet (mobile originated)
we01.vzwstatic (mobile terminated, West coast, most common)
mw01.vzwstatic (mobile terminated, MidWest)
so01.vzwstatic (mobile terminated, South)
ne01.vzwstatic (mobile terminated, NorthEast)
nw01.vzwstatic (mobile terminated, called NorthWest but for SouthEast area)

Virgin (UK):

Vodafone (UK):



Last updated: Jan 03, 2024

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