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Okidata Printer Configuration Tips

This guide demonstrates the typical configurations used with most Okidata MicroLine printers. Printers generally perform most reliably when using hardware flow control.

Common Serial Interface Settings:

Software Flow Control:
Protocol XON/XOFF
Busy Line SSD-
DSR Signal Invalid


Hardware Flow Control:
Protocol Ready/Busy
Busy Line DTR (or DTR+) on some systems
DSR Signal Invalid


Cabling for an Okidata Printer when using the above settings follows the Digi Standard Cable FAQ.


Additional Notes:

SSD+ is an alternative setting to DTR (or DTR+). To configure a printer to use SSD+, wire CTS on the Digi side to Pin 11 (SSD) instead of Pin 20 (DTR) on the Printer. Other settings on the Okidata generally won't need to be changed.

Okidata printers using Hardware Flow Control usually require a positive signal on pin 5 (CTS)

Okidata printers typically require a positive DSR signal unless DSR Invalid is set.


The information above concerns use of Okidata Printers with Digi products. The configuration settings have been used and found to work, but this is meant as a guide only. Consult your Okidata Printer documentation for further information if the information above doesn't work with your particular printer.

Last updated: Aug 08, 2017

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