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What to do if the PCI Adapter Install Hangs on Finish

If installing an AccelePort PCI adapter under Windows 95 OSR2 and the driver installation hangs when you try to click on “Finish”, first remove the partial driver installation by following the instructions below.

Then, shutdown and physically remove the AccelePort PCI card from the PC. Restart, and install an AccelePort 2e ISA adapter.

When that is installed, shut down the system again, and physically reinstall the PCI adapter. When restarted, this adapter should be auto detected and the driver installation will be able to complete successfully.

Once the AccelePort PCI driver is installed, remove the AccelePort 2e ISA adapter. HOW TO REMOVE THE PCI ADAPTER FROM WINDOWS 95 First, go to Control Panel, System, Device Manager.

Highlight the PCI adapter under Digi Intelligent Async Adapters and click on remove. Select "Do Not Restart Now".
Next, go to the Windows 95 registry, by selecting "RUN" from the Start bar, and then selecting REGEDIT.
Go to /HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Enum/PCI/VEN_114F&DEV_000X Highlight the VEN_114F&DEV_000X key and delete this key.
Go to /HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Enum/DigiAsync Highlight the DigiAsync key and delete this key. Go to /HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/Class/DigiAsync Highlight the DigiAsync key and delete this key.

Finally, go to Windows explorer. For Windows 95, go to the following directory:/
/INF View all OEM*.INF files and delete any OEM*.INF files which reference Digi. For Windows 95 OSR2, go to the following directory:/ /INF/OTHER Delete any DIGI*.INF files.

Now Reboot. Windows 95 should now redetect the Digi PCI adapter.

Last updated: Jan 16, 2024

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