Performing a loopback test on Digi Connect and ConnectPort units using connect


1. A loopback plug is shipped with Digi products for serial port testings. Plug the loopback plug into the serial port to be tested.


2. From the Windows CMD or a Unix/Linux "root" prompt, telnet to the IP address of the Digi device server.

An example is: telnet

Login as root

3. From the root prompt set the port to a passive profile, such as, Realport or Console_Management. We will use RealPort and a device which only has one serial port in our example:

#> set profile profile=realport

#> who


        ID  From                   To                     Protocol              Sessions

	--  ---------------------  ---------------------  --------------------  --------

	1   serial 1               local shell            term


Look for any active serial connections and kill them using the ID number.  In the above example, there is a connection on serial 1 with an ID of 1:

#> kill 1

4. Enter connect 1 (one) to connect to the first serial port.

5. Start typing characters on your keyboard. The characters you type should display on your PC monitor (once). If you remove the loopback plug from the port and type data on the connect session, you should not see any data on your screen.

To disconnect from the port, type: Ctrl-[ . (Control right square bracket, followed by a period).

Last updated: Jun 07, 2019

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