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Port 50000 on ConnectPort TS devices

Port 50000 is used for Modem emulation option on ConnectPort TS product line(please refer to user manual for description of this featrure). Port 50000 can be disabled from the command line;
‘set service’  command will display available services, and ports associated with these services
Here is a snippet how it looks:
    29    on  50000        na      na      200        Modem Emulation (Pool)
    30    on  50001       off     off      200        Modem Emulation (Port 1)
    31    on  50002       off     off      200        Modem Emulation (Port 2)
    32    on  50003       off     off      200        Modem Emulation (Port 3)
To disable service issue following command
#>set service ra=29 state=off,
Repeat this command for all indexes you would like to disable
Last updated: Jun 17, 2019

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