PortServer, ConnectPort, AnywhereUSB, Digi One or Digi Connect device is locking up periodically

Symptom: your Digi terminal server, serial converter or AnywhereUSB hub is hanging, not responding or locking up from time to time. You can recover by performing a power cycle or reboot.

root cause might be virus- or port scanners in your local network, causing a CPU overload or denial of service attack on the Digi device.

To work around, either exclude the Digi device from the port scan or at least configure the scanner to scan only one port at the same time and not multi-threaded concurrent port scans.

Furthermore disable all unneeded services in the network service settings, to limit the number of open ports which can be scanned:

+ disable rlogin, telnet, ftp and such unsecure non-encrypted services

+ disable http and switch to https if supported by your device

+ if you require http/https only rarely for configuration purposes, switch it off completely and only use the CLI on SSH. Temporary you may enable http/https from the SSH CLI for configuration purposes and later lock it again

+ use secure passwords, different from the default passwords.

+ if you don't require RealPort disable it

See the web interface for Network Service settings or Network Security and the User Guide on how to configure them.

Some devices might also lock up due to (temperature dependent) hardware problems. In this case cool the environment or contact Digi Technical Support with the serial number if the device is still in warranty.

Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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