Portserver II E4 error and how to fix it

Occasionally a Portserver II may have its memory affected by a brown-out/power outage or a nearby electrical storm.



On powerup, Portserver II displays errors such as b, F, or E4. If user diagnostics are run, unit will typically show error on test 3.



  1. Hardware reset the Portserver II by turning the unit off, holding in both arrow buttons on the front panel, and then powering the PSII back on. When display shows CL, release the arrow buttons, then power the PSII off and back on. Unit will still show E4 on powerup, but should now display AC when complete.


  2. Connect a terminal up to port 1 of the PSII, and set the realtime clock with the following syntax:

    set time time=(hr.mn.sc) date=(mm.dd.yy)

    Note: Hour is 24-hour format



Hardware resetting the PSII clears its memory and resets the PSII to factory default. Setting the real-time clock on the PSII eliminates the E4 error. Other parameters such as the IP and Gateway addresses, port settings, etc. will have to be entered back into the PSII as well.

Last updated: Jun 20, 2019

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