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Problems Using Digi AccelePort Products with Lotus Notes


Troubleshooting Lotus Notes Issues with Digi Adapters


Lotus Notes issues with Digi Adapters may fall into one of the following categories:

1. Modem is unable to connect.
2. COM port is not recognized.
3. Connection is dropped. 


To troubleshoot:

1. Stop Lotus Notes services and go into Hyperterminal.  Try making a connection to the com port with Hyperterminal (i.e. outside of the Lotus Notes application).  Instructions can be found here:
Loopback Testing Asynchronous Ports with HyperTerminal Under Microsoft Windows.

Note:  If unable to connect to the COM port from Hyperterminal, verify that the Lotus Notes services are stopped.

2. If you can connect to the COM port with Hyperterminal, but do not get any response from the an external modem:  Unplug the modem serial cable from the port and install a loopback plug in the serial port instead.  Try typing to the loopback plug in the serial port of the Digi Adapter.  If loopback works, you may have a cabling issue.  If it fails, you may have a resource conflict, and should try reserving an IRQ for the Digi Adapter at the BIOS level of your PC.  See these articles for further details:

How do I resolve resource contention issues when installing ISA or EISA cards?
Will Digi PCI serial card adapters share an IRQ with other PCI devices?
Avoiding IRQ conflicts when using a Digi PCI serial card adapter with a Dell Optiplex
Resolving Hardware Contention, IRQ or Memory Conflict with PCI Adapters

3. If everything works, outside of using Lotus Notes, make sure:

  • You are using the appropriate .MDM file for your specific modem.
  • Both modems are configured for the same modulation.  You may want to try setting the port speed back within Lotus Notes.

4. If the modems are configured properly, you may want to try disabling hardware flow control.  If this works, you may need to replace the cable connecting your modem (if using an external modem).

5. If you are still experiencing problems, try running Lotus Notes with one of your on-board COM ports (COM1 or COM2) to verify that it can run on the native ports of the server.

For Additional Information:

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Last updated: Aug 30, 2018

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