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Quick reference to the RPM command line.

The RPM console port has the same pinout as a Sun Netra or Cisco. The cascade port is the reverse (same as a Digi CM) so a straight through cable will connect two RPMs together from the Cascade port of one to the Console port of the next. Each unit in a cascade must have a unique ID (set with the DIP switches). Cascading is currently only supported with the Digi CM.

NOTE: When the RPM is used in conjunction with a CM or TS, it can either operate in automatic mode (where the device is configured and controlled by the other Digi device, or in command mode (where the following commands are available). In automatic mode, it speaks in a binary protocol to the unit and will ignore requests to control it manually via telnet.

Connect to the RPM with 9600,8,N,1

In manual mode, the command prompt for the Digi RPM is:

Commands are in the form <CMDWORD><RPMUNIT><PORT>

The first RPM unit is 0. Daisy-chained RPM units are 1,2,3,etc The commands available are:


On # n: Turn Outlet(s) of unit # on,n=1,..,8,all
Off # n: Turn Outlet(s) of unit # off,n=1...,8,all
Reboot # n: Reboot Outlet(s) of unit #,n=1,..,8,all
Recycle # n,t: Recycle Outlet(s) of unit #, n=1,..,8,all t=0,1,..,1500
Status #: Get Unit Status of unit #
Lock # n : Locks Outlet(s) status of unit #,n=1,...,8,all
Unlock # n: Unlock Outlet(s) status of unit #,n=1,...,8,all
Clear #: Reset the maximum detected current of unit #
Tempmode # n: Temp. display mode of unit #,n=1(Celsius),2(Fahrenheit)
Name # n,<NAME> : Names Outlet(s) of unit #, n=1,..,10,<NAME>
Exit # : Log off from unit#
Exit : Log off from all unit(s)
Lcdmode # n : Change LCD mode of unit#, n=1(normal),2(alternative)
Login # passwd : Log into the unit # with passwd
Passwd # <OLD><NEW><NEW>: Changes the current password of unit#
Restart #: Performs a warm boot of unit#
Reset # : Performs factory reset of unit#
Help : This Command RPM:>

Example commands and explanations:
On 0 all Turns on all ports on unit 0 (the base unit)
Reboot 1 1,2,3,4 Reboot ports 1,2,3,4 on unit 1 (the first cascaded unit)
Recycle 0 1,5 Recycle power to unit 0 port 1 every 5 minutes (off, 10 seconds, on, wait 5 minutes, repeat) starting now.
Recycle 0 all,1440 Recycle power on all ports on unit 0 every 24 hours starting at the time the command is entered.
Off 1 4,5,6,7 Turn off ports 4,5,6,7 on unit 1
There is no provision to manually change the timing of Reboot -- it''''s 10 seconds. If a customer wants a longer time they can do

wait the required time and do

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