Recommended female receptacle (header) for electrical interface to module

What is the recommended female connector (receptacle) for mounting the RF module?

  • XStream and XCite interface connectors
    The XStream and XCite radio modules are supplied with 11-pin and 4-pin 0.1" spaced male connectors for interfacing to a host system. Digi supplies several interface boards which use a 3M female header to connect to the modules. This header is available from Digikey (part number: 929974-01-36-ND). This female header comes in a 36-pin strip that can be cut into 11-pin and 4-pin headers for use with the RF modules (XStream and XCite modules). The connector height is 0.325 inches. The pins are 0.025 inches square and have 0.1 inch spacing.

    For designs that need a lower profile header option, consider using these dual row surface mount female receptacles that are only 150 mils high + 100 mils for plastic spacer on the radio module for a total of 250 mils between the PC boards. The part is a Samtech surface mount header p/n: HLE11102GDVA or HLE10402GDVA.
  • XTend interface connectors

    The XTend product is supplied with a 20 pin (2x10) 2mm male connector for the electrical interface. Digi supplies several interface boards which use a female header to connect to the XTend modules. This female header is a standard part that can be ordered from many vendors, and with differing styles. Following are some recommendations:

    • Century Interconnect parts available through Electro-Stock:
    • Molex Milli-GridTM Part number 87340-2024. (p/n:WM18696-ND). This connector is 2.15mm tall.
      (3D model of Molex p/n: 87340-2024 - PRO/E IGES STEP .)
    • Samtec also has a number of available 2mm pitch receptacles, and the CLT series is a direct cross to the Molex part.
    • Headers are available with differing mating heights and footprints including Samtec SMM series (and others) and the A3D and A3C series from Hirose. The Samtec SMM series is also available in a single row package.

    XTend modules also have four mounting holes for mechanical stability. Digi interface boards use 3/16" tall Richco nylon stand-offs (p/n:MSNE-3-01) for mechanical mounting.
  • XBee/XBee-PRO interface connectors
    Digi uses the same female 20 pin header for the XBee/XBee-PRO interface boards as is used on the XTend interface board. The XBee module uses two 10 pin (1x10) 2mm male connectors for the electrical interface.

    XBee/XBee-PRO RF Module was designed to mount into a socket and therefore does not require any soldering when mounting it to a board. The XBee Development Kits contain RS-232 and USB interface boards which use two 20-pin receptacles to receive modules.

    The receptacles (sockets) used on Digi development boards are manufactured by Century Interconnect. Several other manufacturers provide comparable mounting solutions. Digi currently uses the following receptacles:
    • Through-hole single-row receptacle (recommended): Preci-Dip P/N: 831-87-010-10-001101
    • Through-hole single-row receptacles - Samtec P/N: MMS-110-01-L-SV (or equivalent)
    • Surface-mount double-row receptacles - Century Interconnect P/N: CPRMSL20-D-0-1 (or equivalent)
    • Surface-mount single-row receptacles - Samtec P/N: SMM-110-02-SM-S
    • Digikey part numbers:

    See also the information listed under XTend interface connectors above.
Last updated: Aug 08, 2017

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