Remote Access Requirements (SarOS)

In order to access a Digi TransPort® cellular router (or a device connected to it) remotely using the router's mobile interface IP address, it is necessary that the IP the mobile provider has assigned to the device be either a Public IP address with 2-way communication (sometimes referred to as Mobile Termination), or it must be a Private IP address that is reachable over a Private APN provided by the mobile provider.

The Public IPs that are assigned to the router can be either Dynamic or Statically assigned, but they must allow for 2-way communication to be able to reach the IP address over the Internet.  This is not something the Digi device will control, and must be setup by the mobile provider when they setup service on the SIM card.

If the mobile provider cannot provide a Public IP that is reachable over the Internet, it is still possible to reach the Digi and device behind it using a VPN tunnel.  The Digi device will need to initiate the VPN towards a VPN appliance on your network, and through the VPN tunnel it will be possible to communicate to the Digi and devices behind it.
If the mobile interface of the Digi has an IP in one of the following ranges (Private IPs), then a Private APN is required to reach the device remotely:
Common Private IP ranges: - - -

A full list of Private IP ranges can be found on the IANA website here.
The mobile provider needs to know what kind of service you need in order to provision the SIM card correctly for the proper service type and APN.

Last updated: Dec 13, 2023

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