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Resetting a PortServer (II) Configuration to Factory Defaults



Use this procedure to reset the PortServer or PortServer II configuration to factory defaults.

Important: You will lose all PortServer configuration settings when you reset your PortServer to factory defaults. See before doing the factory default.

Hardware Procedure:

Note: If you saved your configuration file as mentioned above, here is an article on how to reload the configuration.

  1. Press both arrow buttons on the front panel of the Portserver (II) in, then power on the unit while continuing to hold the arrows in.
  2. Hold these buttons down until EP (or CL) is displayed.
  3. Reboot the PortServer (II) and then reconfigure it.
  4. The default root password is dbps


Command Line Procedure:


  1. At the command prompt type #> boot action=eewrite.
    NOTE: This procedure assumes you have logged in as root.

Last updated: Jun 24, 2024

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