Restore modem defaults using HyperTerminal

If you are unable to communicate with a modem, it is a good idea to try restoring the module defaults. The easiest way to do this is by using the XIB-R (XIBR) interface board or PKG-R (PKGR) product. (Turn DIP switches 1 & 2 to the on positions and turn power off and on again, then restore the original DIP switch settings and the module is restored.)

If you do not have an XIB-R interface board (with the blue dip switches) and you don''''t have the Digi X-CTU software the module can be restored using Windows HyperTerminal which is pre-installed on most computers by following these directions:

  1. Connect one of your radio modems to a PC Com Port and power it up so that the red LED is on.
  2. Open a hyperterminal window with the following parameters: Baud rate: this should be the default value, which is the same as the over-the-air baud rate (i.e. if your part # is something like X09-001XXX, the "-001" means 1200 baud, "-009" means 9600 baud, and "-019" means 19200 baud). Data bits: 8 Parity: None Stop bits: 1 Flow control: None.
  3. In the hyperterminal window type "+++" quickly and look for an "OK" response. If you receive an "OK" within about a second, you are in command mode and should skip step 4.
  4. If you do not receive an "OK" for step 3, you must enter command mode a different way. Turn off the module by pushing the sliding switch down so that the red LED turns off. Hold in the configuration switch (on the opposite end of the board from the sliding switch) while pushing the sliding switch back up. Then release the config. switch within 1/2 second. If you receive an "OK", you are in command mode.
  5. Now that you are in command mode, type "ATBD" and press enter to know what your baud rate is. Also, type "ATVR" and press enter so you will know what version of firmware your modules have. Note: If no "AT__" command is received for 20 seconds, the module times out of command mode. If your module times out you will need to re-enter command mode by following either step 3 or 4.
  6. While in command mode type "ATRE" and press enter to restore the module''''s default parameters. You should receive an "OK". Now type "ATWR" and press enter to save the new parameter values to non-volatile memory. This also should return an "OK" message.
  7. Disconnect module and repeat steps 1-6 for second module.

If you are unable to complete all these steps please tell us exactly which step did not work correctly and what you saw in your hyperterminal window. It might be helpful if you told us the "VR" parameter value, as well as the value of "BD" before and after restoring module defaults.

After default parameters are restored to the modules you will hopefully be able to communicate with them via XCTU or hyperterminal and change any parameters you need to.

Last updated: Aug 23, 2017

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