Restoring module defaults on XStream, XCite, and XTend radio modems

Very often any abnormal radio modem behaviors are due to the configuration. Restoring the defaults will return the radio modem to a known state and should be the first action taken when troubleshooting a system.

DIP Switch Method

Note:  If using the XCite radio modems, only the "X-CTU" Software Method" will restore all defaults.

If using an XBI-R (RS-232/485) interface board (features six DIP switches next to the Configuration Switch), use the DIP Switch method.  XStream PKG-R RS-232/485 RF Modems contain the XIB-R interface board and also support this method. XTend PKG-R Modems can also use this method.
  1. Power off the radio modem.
  2. Set switches 1 and 2 of the DIP Switch to the ON (up) position and all other switches to the OFF (down) position.
  3. Power on the modem for at least 1 second.
  4. The radio modem's default parameters should now be restored and saved to non-volatile memory.
  5. To return the radio modem to the desired communication mode: Power off the modem, return DIP Switch settings to operating positions, then power on the modem.
* For more information on DIP Switch settings, see the Product Manual.

X-CTU Software Method

Note:  Always use this method when using the XCite radio modems.

Use the "Restore Defaults" button on the "Modem Configuration" tab of X-CTU, Digi's Configuration and Test Utility Software.  For the version of the X-CTU software, go to the "Product Support" section of the following webpage:
  1. Connect the Digi radio modem to a PC and launch the X-CTU software.
  2. Click the "PC Settings" tab and select the PC COM port that will be used.
  3. Click the "Test/Query" button to verify communication with the radio modem.
  4. Click the "Modem Configuration" tab then click the "Restore" button.
  5. If a dialog box appears indicating action is required, please follow the on-screen instructions.  When successful, status is indicated by the following message:  "Restore Defaults...complete."
  6. The radio modem's default parameters should now be restored and saved to non-volatile memory.
Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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