Running the realport dump (rpdump) program on Aix

Steps on setup:

  • Place the rpdump.aix binary on the AIX host and give it executable permissions (chmod a+x).
  • Stop all port processes and the RealPort daemon.


    # pdisable tty1
    # rmdev -l sa4 -R
    tty1 Defined
    lp3 Defined
    sa4 Defined


  • Start the rpdump utility:

    ./rpdump -pa -o dump.bin -I /dev/sa#_mon


    Where # is the actual "sa" number the Node is at.
    -pa = Send all data to the output file
    -o = File to write to
    -I = SA device being rpdumped


  • The resulting dump.bin file is the actual debug output, and can only be read by the rpdump utility.

JDG 10/14

Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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