SCO OpenServer RealPort /etc/inittab is Not Keeping Changes for the Ports

The drpadmin calls the /etc/conf/bin/idmkinit program in SCO.

This is the same call when rebuilding the kernel, and it asks whether you "Would like the environment rebuilt".

This will remove the current /etc/inittab file, and rebuild it from the files in /etc/conf/init.d/* directory.

This would indicate the inittab file was changed, while the /etc/conf/init.d/drp file was not, causing the changes to disappear.

For example, when a tty is enabled from the command line (enable ttyx##), you will notice it respond with information that the /etc/inittab and the /etc/conf/init.d/drp files have been updated. To resolve this, be sure to perform the same changes in the /etc/conf/init.d/drp file to match those settings changed in the /etc/inittab file.

Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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