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Serial cables and adapters for PortServer TS, Digi One, AnywhereUSB TS44

A list of Digi serial Cables and Cable Adapters may be found here:

The Cables are RJ-50 (10 pin) male on the side that connects to the serial port(s) of the Digi device and generally DB9 (9 pin) or DB25 (25 pin) on the other side, that connects to the serial device.  These cables are offered in 2' and 4' lengths and should be used if the attached serial device is physically close to the Digi device.

The Cable Adapters are RJ-45 female on one side and either DB9 or DB25 on the other side.  The DB9/DB25 side connects directly to the serial device.  Then, simply run a standard straight through network cable from the Digi device's serial port to the Cable Adapter.  These Cable Adapters typically used for environments where the attached serial devices are further away from the Digi device than the Cable allows (greater than 4 feet).


  • Cables are offered as single cables, and Cable Adapters are offered in 4-packs.
  • The Cable Adapter Cross Reference contains links to pinouts of these Cables and Cable Adapters.
  • The crossover cable is intended to connect to the RJ-45 console port of most switches, i.e. Cisco, and is 6' in length.  Note that the pinout is different than a standard crossover network cable.
Last updated: Jan 08, 2024

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