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Steps to change the radius socket ports on the Digi CM.

The radius client obtains the radius socket ports to use via the "/etc/services" file. The client only looks up the lines starting with "radius" and "radacct".

  • Modify the /etc/services file as follows. Change lines starting with "radius" and "radacct" to the socket numbers you wish. For example:
    radius 1645/tcp
    radius 1645/ucp
    radacct 1646/tcp
    radacct 1646/ucp


  • After editing /etc/services copy it to /usr2
    cp /etc/services /usr2


  • Edit /usr2/rc.user and add the following line just above "exit 0":
    cp -a /usr2/services /etc/services


  • reboot

If you factory default the unit, the "/usr2/rc.user" script file is moved to "/usr2/rc.user.old#" and the default rc.user file will be restored.

Last updated: May 09, 2019

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