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Steps to Factory Reset a Digi CM or Passport unit

This procedure will reset all settings on the unit to the factory defaults.  It is highly
recommended the configuration is backed up prior to a factory reset.

There are two ways to reset the unit to the factory defaults. The quickest and 
simplest method is to push and hold the hardware factory default reset button 
until the Ready light on the front panel goes out. The reset button is located on 
the back panel of the unit next to the Ethernet port.

The alternative method to reset the unit is through the web interface. The web 
interface provides the option of retaining the IP settings. To use the web 
interface to reset the unit, do the following:

1. Access the web interface.
2. System administration > Configuration management 
3. Under Configuration import select Factory default.
4. Select the Configuration factory default options you want to restore from 
the checklist.
5. Click Import. The unit will automatically reboot.
The following are the default values when the unit is reset to the 
factory defaults:

• Static IP Address:
• Port Access Menu IP Address:
• Port Access Menu TCP Port Number: 7000
• Serial Port IP Address:
• Serial Port TCP Port Number: 7001-

Last updated: Aug 08, 2017

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