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Steps to load the IOS on to a Cisco via xmodem on the Passport

1)    Login as root/root

2)    Connect #  (# being the actual port number)

3)    Make sure the Cisco is at rommon prompt (enable, reload, send break if necessary)

4)    Issue the command “xmodem whatevername.bin”
a.    Changing whatevername allows you to see that the file has in fact changed
b.    Answer yes to the appropriate prompts, wait for “ready to receive whatevername.bin”
c.    Exit from port, close port

5)    Run the script  “xupload”

6)    Answer the questions as “/usr2/ciscoimage.bin” and “#” (# being the actual port number)

7)    The script will start uploading as in the attached file.  After a long time (this isn’t quick) the upload will be successful.  In our testing experience we’ve never had a problem with it completing once xmodem starts unless the passport or the cisco is rebooted in mid-process.
a.    Such a reboot is outside the scope of this test, however, rebooting the cisco, and resetting the Passport port will allow for a retry.

Last updated: Jan 04, 2024

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