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Submitting an AnywhereUSB issue to Digi technical support

General questions:

- What is the serial number and 50xxxxxx part number (and any letters and/or numbers that follow) of the AnywhereUSB?  TIP - take a photo of the label on the bottom of the device.

- What firmware version is the AnywhereUSB running?

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- What AnywhereUSB driver version is the host computer running?

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- What is the vendor/model of the Ethernet switch that the AnywhereUSB is attached to?

- What Operating System is the "host computer" (the computer with the AnywhereUSB software) running?  And is it a physical machine or virtual machine (VM)?  If it's a VM, which virtualization software (and version) is being used?

- Have you already tried troubleshooting suggestions offered in any Digi KB articles?  If so, which KB article(s)?

- Access the AnywhereUSB's command-line interface (CLI) by telnetting or SSH'ing to the device then issue the "display tech" command.  This command will issue a series of other commands.  Copy and paste the data for Digi Technical Support to review.  NOTE - this assumes that the respective (telnet or SSH) service is running on the AnywhereUSB.

- Is this a new installation, where the problem has always been observed?  Or is this an existing installation, where the problem was observed some time later?  If it's a new problem with an existing installation, "what changed?".

- Take the following screenshots from the host computer while the issue is happening, for Digi Technical Support to review:

1. AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility
2. USB Device Viewer utility.
3. Windows Device Manager (with the USB section expanded).  If you see any devices with yellow (!) warning icons, double-click them to show their Properties and take a screenshot of that too.

If the issue "always happens", then these screenshots should be sufficient.  If the issue "sometimes happens" then additionally take the same screenshots while the AnywhereUSB is "working", so they can be compared.

Questions specific to AnywhereUSBs that periodically "lockup":

- About how often does the issue happen?

- What must be done to recover?  For example, does power cycling the AnywhereUSB recover?

- When the issue happens, is the AnywhereUSB still accessible over the network at the time the "lockup" issue happens?  For example, does the AnywhereUSB respond to pings (assuming that it normally does)?  Can the AnywhereUSB's web interface be accessed (assuming that it normally can)?

- When the issue happens, what is the behavior of each of the LEDs on the AnywhereUSB?  Make note of the System Status LED, the USB port LEDs and the Ethernet (network) link and activity LEDs.

If the issue "follows" a certain USB device:

- If you attach a "wired" USB keyboard to the AnywhereUSB, in place of the USB device in question, does the USB keyboard work?  This is a simple test - just open Notepad and type on the keyboard.

- Does the USB device in question work as expected when connected directly to a physical (as opposed to virtual) computer?

- If you are using anything "out of the ordinary" like RDP, Citrix, etc., try to test the USB device in question outside of that environment.  For example, if using a physical (as opposed to virtual) computer, test the USB device in question while logged into Windows via the actual console.  If the computer is a virtual machine (VM), test the USB device in question using the respective virtualization console software/method.  Based on this testing, does the problem only happen when something "out of the ordinary" is used?

Last updated: Jan 16, 2024

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