The ''Check for Digi Connect Updates'' utility is unable to connect to the Digi update server

There have recently been changes made to the Digi Connect Update server. In order to correct this it will be necessary to modify an entry in the Windows Registry (regedit.exe).

Follow these instructions:

  1. Execute the Registry Editor (regedit.exe).
  2. Locate the ''''''''My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wise Solutions\WiseUpdate\Apps\Digi Connect Integration Kit.
  3. Within this key locate the value SettingsURL.
  4. The current value of SettingsURL should be Double-click on SettingsURL and change this its value to
  5. Close the Registry Editor.
  6. Execute the ''''''''Check for Digi Connect Updates'''''''' utility.


Last updated: Jun 28, 2019

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