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TransPort can't be discovered with Digi Device Discovery Utility

Beginning with Transport firmware v5.2.14.5, the Device Discovery (ADDP) Service, which is required for the Device Discovery Utility to work, is disabled by default for security reasons.

NOTE:  If upgrading to v5.2.14.5 or later from a previous version of firmware, ADDP will not be automatically disabled.  This only applies to new units with firmware v5.2.14.5 or later, or TransPorts that have been recently re-flashed using FlashWriter with a firmware version v5.2.14.5 or later.

In order to Discover a TransPort with the Device Discovery Utility, ensure at minimum that the ADDP service is Enabled.  If this doesn't help, please refer to KB article Device Discovery Troubleshooting Tips.

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Last updated: Jan 04, 2024

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