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TransPort missing menu options from web interface

Issue:  Some menu options on the left-hand side of the TransPort web interface are "missing".

Cause:  Likely, the TransPort User that's logged into the TransPort web interface has limited privileges due to the Access Level setting.

Resolution:  Log in to the TransPort web interface with a User that has the necessary Access Level (privileges), otherwise adjust the Access Level as needed for the User in question.

User (named "super") with "Super" Access Level: User-added image
NOTE:  This User has the Backup/Restore and Update Firmware menu options.  It's also worth noting that the default username (which is "username") has "Super" Access Level by default.
Now compare the menu in the screenshot just above to the one just below, which represents a User (named "readonly") that has the "ReadOnly" Access Level:
User-added image
NOTE:  This "readonly" User does NOT have the "Backup/Restore" and "Update Firmware" menu options, in comparison.

The two Access Level settings discussed here, ReadOnly and Super are just two examples.  None, Low, Med, and High are the other available settings.

Only a User with "Super" access may Backup/Restore and/or Update Firmware in the TransPort web interface.

Additional information about Access Level settings, from the TransPort User Guide:

Super - Allows full access to all facilities.

High - Allows user to reconfigure the general configuration of the router and to change some settings such as the time and date.  Not allowed to change user settings.

Medium - Allows user to access medium level configuration commands which allow some configuration of the router.

Low - Allows user to access low level commands which tend to be status and statistics commands.

Read Only - Read only access of the configuration.

None - User is not allowed to login via Web, FTP, SSH, and Telnet.

Last updated: Mar 21, 2019

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