TransPort router system time and RTC out of sync

TransPort routers have 2 times shown when using the CLI command 'time':

09:20:06, 10 Oct 2014
system time: 09:24:43, 10 Oct 2014
type 'time ?' for help

You’ll probably find that the system time is ahead of the RTC and the system time.  When the router is rebooted, the system time will sync up with the RTC and the router will lose 3-4 mins (also seen in the event log).
For example:
Before reboot..
System time 3:07
RTC: 3:04
After reboot..
System time 3:04
RTC 3:04

The reason for the drift is that different crystals control the system clock and the RTC.
To resolve this the customer should use NTP instead of SNTP and this should keep the system clock and RTC in sync. 
To check the system time and RTC simply type ‘time’ at the CLI.
RTC is the top line, system clock is the one below.

The system time is synchronised with the RTC when:
1) The time is change (e.g. via the CLI or NTP)
2) The analyser log size is changed
3) The analyser file (ana.txt) is read
4) The analyser .cap file is read
5) The analyser is cleared

Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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