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TransPort Wi-Fi Access Point frequencies and dual-band support

This KB article aims to explain what Wi-Fi frequencies a TransPort uses, when in AP (Access Point) mode, and Dual-Band support.

  • The "A" mode uses 5 GHz (only).
  • The "A/N" mode uses 5 GHz (only).
    • NOTE:  N mode can be either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, depending on the option chosen / what previous technology it is paired with.
  • The (default) "B/G" mode uses 2.4 GHz (only).
  • The "B/G/N" mode uses 2.4 GHz (only).

At of the time of this writing, TransPorts do not offer "Dual-Band" support, however a "Dual Radio" TransPort does exist, which has two separate Wi-Fi interfaces.  This Dual Radio variant is offered on the WR44v2 and WR44R models only.

Screenshot showing factory default Global Wi-Fi Settings:

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Last updated: Mar 21, 2019

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