troubleshooting GPS problems on Digi Connect Core 3G 9P

The GPS is part of the modem, so it does not appear as a separate USB device.  There is a separate USB interface for the NMEA port.  That appears on the connections management page (CC3G web interface homepage -> management -> connections) when GPS is active.

The “NMEA GPS Processor” line should only disappear if the user kills or disables GPS.
It is very helpful to run a trace while the problem is occuring.  Ideally start the trace before the GPS problem occurs, then reproduce it.  To capture the trace, open a telnet session to the device, save the output to a file, enter this command:
set trace state=on mask=modem:+cwi,usb:-*,chat:*,ppp:*,address:*,gps:*
Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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