Troubleshooting Port Connectivity Issues and Resource Temporarily Unavailble errors with Digi PortServer and Digi One Products using Linux RealPort.


Review the port settings. Telnet to the IP address of the unit and login as root:

#> set port ra=*

Any port that is going to have a RealPort device attached, should have:

dev - Needs to be set to rp or prn.
auto - Needs to be set to off

NOTE: You can use the Web Interface to verify the device type as well.

#> set flow ra=*

Any port that is going to have a RealPort device attached, should have all signals off except ixon and ixoff (which can be on or off) and altpin (which should be off for a 10 wire Digi cables and on for anything else).

NOTE: You can use the Web Interface to verify the port setting as well.

#> set auth

Will show settings like the following:


Ind IPaddr          Mask            RealPort  Login  Unrestricted
1         oooo-ooo -------- oooooooo
                                    o-oooooo -------- oooooooo


* Realport should show the lower case letter o for all RealPort ports. The ports are indicated across in groups of eight -- In the example above, all ports are set correctly in the RealPort column except ports 5 and 10 (which are possibly being used for non-RealPort connections as indicated by the hyphen (-) in position 5 and 10).

NOTE: This can only be verified in the command line.

Check for stuck processes:

At the Digi Device/Terminal Server root command prompt type:

#> who

* If a process (RealPort or otherwise) is running on the port try killing it, type:

#> kill tty=[port_number]

If this does not work, unplug the serial device and reboot the Digi Device/Terminal Server.

* Check the LEDs on the port to see if OFC is on this can be monitored using our DPA Remote software available for download from our web-site for a variety of operating systems:

Last updated: Jun 25, 2019

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