Troubleshooting Tips When Sharing a Serial Port


Certain Digi Products (Portserver TS) have port sharing features where more than one computer can read and write data to a networked enabled serial port. This feature is available on the Digi TS product line. Typically this feature is used for redundancy benefits. It is common to connect more than a single server to a serial port. If a single server goes down, then the other will pick up where it left off.


Make sure that the application on every computer connecting to the port is ACTIVELY READING the data. It will have to make a call to read (consume) the data from the serial port. If it does not, data will accumulate in the Digi serial port buffer and eventually will overflow, causing unpredictable results (i.e. Digi will stop responding). The application does not necessarily have to do anything with the data once it reads it, the important thing is that it is reading the serial port and releasing the buffer space of the Digi.

Last updated: Jan 01, 2024

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