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Understanding the "Use Microsoft Device IDs" AnywhereUSB feature

The goal of this document is to clarify what the "Use Microsoft Device IDs" feature in the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility does exactly, and how to confirm that it's working.


Enabling this option changes the bus driver from "AWUSB" to "USB", as documented in the AnywhereUSB Installation Guide.

However, it’s only for USB devices that are attached *to* the AnywhereUSB, not the AnywhereUSB Root Hub itself.  Specifically, it changes the Device ID of attached USB devices.


This is apparent if you go to look at the Device ID of a device that's attached to the AnywhereUSB.  To demonstrate this, look at the Properties of an attached device in Windows Device Manager, then go to the Details tab and select “Device Instance Id” from the dropbox (for Windows XP - it may be slightly different for newer OS's).  With “Use Microsoft Device IDs” disabled, that value should read "AWUSB\VID_...".  With "Use Microsoft Device IDs" enabled, that value should read "USB\VID_...".


How to use this feature:


1. Launch the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility.

2. Disconnect the AnywhereUSB from the host computer.

3. Click File / Preferences.

4. Check “Use Microsoft Device IDs” then click Save.

5. Connect to the AnywhereUSB.



Last updated: Jul 09, 2019

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