Unusual Terminal/Device Server Behavior After Factory Reset


This Technical Article is written to document an unusual behavior on some of our Terminal/Device server family products.

This behavior will only be seen on the following Motorola Coldfire-based products with SSH enabled: Digi One, TS2 MEI/Nubox, TS4 MEI/Nubox, and DigiOne RealPort IA.

The unusual behavior is that after factory defaulting a unit with the hardware reset button, the unit will not be network-reachable, nor will it output a console login over it's serial port for approximately 2-3 minutes after the PWR LED has lit solid on the unit. This behavior is seen during the time the new SSH DSS hostkey is being generated. Once the key is generated, the unit functions normally.

Although this behavior is unusual due to the fact that its not very well documented (we're working on changing that), it is the correct and expected behavior, so its nothing to be concerned about. We're hoping that the creation of this technical article will help to clear up some of the confusion while we better document this in our product manuals and GUI interface.

Last updated: May 09, 2019

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