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Uploading Firmware to AnywhereUSB via Telnet

To upload firmware to Digi AnywhereUSB we need to have TFTP server running on the host machine.

Please refer to the screenshots below to setup TFTP server and how to upload firmware (NOTE: the device used in this KB article is AnywhereUSB/14, hence firmware for AnywhereUSB/14 is used, you need to select the firmware which is suited for your device).

Under sever give the path as shown in the screenshot below

After the setup please click on apply and OK.

Then Telnet to the AnywhereUSB device and issue the command shown in the below screen shot, you can see the progress of uploading the file in the TFTP server.

(Here is the IP address of the host machine where TFTP server is running and 82002081_G.dwn is the firmware file for AnywhereUSB/14)


Once it is completed reboot the AnywhereUSB.

Last updated: Jan 16, 2024

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