Using SSH with Public Keys to the Digi One® and PortServer® TS Family

In Windows, use PuTTYgen to generate the keys:


  • PuTTYgen is available here
  • Open Puttygen
  • Under Parameters, check ‘SSH-2 DSA’
  • Generate the key in PuTTYgen by clicking on the Generate button.
  • Do not put in a passphrase
  • Cut & Paste the Public Key to "notepad" as displayed in the PuTTYgen window (do not use the "save" key in PuTTY Gen). Now save it as a "notepad" text file.
  • Save the Private Key via the Save button in PuTTYgen.

Enter Public Key for User in the Digi



  • In the Digi, go to Configuration - Users  then click on New Users
  • Enter username & password
  • Click on Console Management, Terminal/Terminal Emulation, or Custom Scenario (usually Console Management)
  • Click on port(s) you want user to have access to
  • If needed, check ‘Assign a custom menu for this user’ and then enter name
  • Click the Finish button
  • Once Successful, click on the newly created username
  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • For some Digi equipment you will need to click on ‘outgoing access to serial ports’ before going onto the next step
  • Check ‘Enable SSH Public Key Authentication’
  • Paste the Public Key from your previously saved “notepad” text file.




  • Open Putty
  • Under ‘Hostname (or IP Address)’ enter <username>@<ip address>
  • On left hand side, under the Connection file, open SSH, then click on Auth
  • Under ‘Private key file for authentication’ enter the file where you saved the Private Key
  • On left hand side, scroll up and click on ‘Session’
  • Enter the proper port number (2501 for port 1, 2502 for port 2, etc)
  • Click on Open


Last updated: Jul 09, 2019

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