Using TransPort router GPS location in Google maps

TransPort routers output the GPS location in a format that needs to be modified before entering it into Google maps.

To obtain the GPS location:
Look in the router GUI at Management > Position
Use the CLI command at\mibs=gps

For example, from the CLI:


gps.0.stats.longitude = 00148.61869 W

gps.0.stats.latitude = 5355.76195 N

This output is degrees and decimal minutes, we use and display in this format because this is the format generated by the GPS receiver.
Whole degrees longitude is always the first 3 digits, whole degrees latitude is always the first 2 digits

The output from the GPS receiver then becomes:

00148.61869 W = 1 degree 48.61869 minutes West

5355.76195 N = 53 degrees 55.76195 minutes North

Which can be pasted into Google maps as:

001 48.61869 W 53 55.76195 N

Last updated: Mar 21, 2019

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