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Warnings Shown at Boot Up With AccelePort XEM Products and UNIX Operating Systems


Warnings shown at boot up can include phrases relating to "Ports Configured for 32 only 8 found" or "Warning: xxevent at....". Sometimes the message can refer to less ports configured than actually attached or other times it refers to more port configured than actually attached. These errors may scroll by in the boot-up process, however they are logged in a system messages file where they can be verified. In SCO OpenServer this log file is found in /usr/adm/messages. In Linux it is generally located in /var/log/message.



The EBI cable connected from the adapter in the computer system to the attached Em Module is plugged into the EBI Out connector instead of the EBI In connector.



While your computer is powered off, disconnect the EBI cable from the Out connector and place in the In connector.

*Warning: Do Not Unplug the EBI cable while the computer is powered on. The cable transfers power from your computer systems Bus to the attached module.

Last updated: Jan 11, 2024

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