What conformal coating material is used on the industrial rated radios?

* Note:
This information only applies to XStream, XCite, and some older, specific XTend radios.

Digi Industrial rated radio modules are coated using a 3 step process that was developed to ensure reliable performance over temperature, even in the presence of condensation on the RF module. The main process ingredient is Dow Corning 1-2620 Dispersion conformal coating material.
For those wanting to conformal coat themselves: The easiest method for getting good results may be by using a spray on aerosol type conformal coating. When the coating is first applied it does affect the module performance but once it dries it rarely has any effect.
The Interface boards do not have the conformal coating applied because they proved to work well over the industrial temperature range without the extra step of applying the coating.
Note: Any modification to the RF module will void the factory warranty, including: soldering, conformal coating, etc.
Last updated: Feb 14, 2019

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