What do my LEDs mean on my WR11?


The Service LED for the WR11 is missing a description in the Digi TransPort User Guide.  For convenience, here is a description for all LEDs for the TransPort WR11.
• SERVICE LED: Indicates the presence and level of cellular service running on the device.
Off: No cellular service
Amber: It will display orange whilst a PPP connection is being established and then it flashes green to indicate the service type once the PPP connection is up.
1 Blink: GPRS mode
2 Blinks: EDGE mode
3 Blinks: UMTS mode
4 Blinks: HSDPA mode
5 Blinks: HSUPA mode
6 Blinks: LTE mode
• SIGNAL LED: Indicates strength of cellular signal.
Off: Poor or No signal. Place the device in a location where it gets a better signal.
Amber: Fair
Green: Good
Off: No power
Green: TransPort device is powered

Last updated: Feb 27, 2019

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