What is the Device Service Status On Digi Remote Manager?

The device  Service Status is shown on the Device Details of a device on DRM and can assume two values: "In Service" or "In Maintenance Window":


But what this exactly means? The device Service status, it's a way for the DAL router to inform Digi Remote Manager whether the device is currently:

- "In Service": it is being used by users or for example, is on a Train that does his route. In this case the device cannot be rebooted or changed in any settings.

- "In Maintenance Window": the device is outside business hours and not being used. In thie case, any maintenance actions is possible (upgrade, change in configuration, etc)

By default, a device is always in Maintenance Window status, so any task is allowed on DRM to the device.

If, instead, there is the need to restrict the Mainenace Windows to certain periods of time,, this can be done by configuring the Maintenance Window triggers. When this is configured, the device status will be "In service" always except that in the configured Maintenance window interval. 

Below, an example on how to configure a Maintenance Window trigger:

System > Scheduled Tasks > System maintenance > Maintenance Window Triggers:

With this configuration, the device will be always On Service except every day for 2 hours starting from 16.00 o'clock (this will be the Maintenance Window).

So, if any task need to be performed from DRM on this device, this would need to be done or scheduled it in this time slot.

Due to his function, the Device Service Status on DRM is also used in/related to the following DRM tasks:


When creating an automation, this can be configured to act in different ways depending on the Device Service Status. In particular, the option "Maintenance Window Handling" can be set as:

  • Reject: The automation fail at the start of the run if any device is outside of its maintenance window.

  • Allow: The automation will run regardless of the devices' maintenance window.

  • Cancel: The automation will fail during any step in the automation if a device is outside of its maintenance window.

For more details about Automations, see Automations section of the DRM User Guide: Automations.


If a Configuration scan is scheduled but the Device is not in Maintenance Windows at that time, the Configuration scan will be skippedWhen the device enter again in Maintenance Window, the Configuration Scan will start:

For more details about Configurations, see Configurations section of the DRM User Guide: Configurations.

NB: For SarOS routers, the Service Status will be always "In Maintenance Window"


Last updated: Dec 07, 2023

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