Why does the transfer of files is failing on my TransPort?

Note: This article pertains to Transport units with SarOS firmware.

When uploading a file on a TransPort (for example when trying to use the router as a OVPN server or client and you need to upload the Key and Certificates files), issues can be encountered, no matter which protocol is used for the upload.

For example you can get a write error using SCP:

User-added image

User-added image

Or also if trying to upload a key file using the WEB interface (Administration - X.509 Certificate Management > Key files):

User-added image

Most of the times, that is not depending on the protocol used (FTP, WEB, SCP) nor on the file type (.zip,.jpg,.crt,etc), but, instead, is due to the file name format being not accepted from te system.
On TransPort routers,  the '8.3' filename format has to be used. That means that every filename should have a maximum of 8 characters before the '.' plus a maximum of 3 characters for the extension. Very often the issue is that the first part is exceeding this limit of “8”, so the first thing to try in those situations is to use a file name compliant with the 8.3 format.

Last updated: Mar 01, 2019

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