Windows Direct Cable Connection Primer


Windows Direct Serial Client Connections advertise themselves with the string "CLIENT" to the Windows Direct Serial Server they "dial" into. When configuring a Digi device to accept inbound connections, it may seem like the Digi is trying to "dial out". However it is actually waiting for the DCD signal to go high prior to any data being sent. This DCD signal is controlled by the "CLIENT" side of things. To clarify: The Digi will wait until the Direct cable connection dials in, which it does by raising DCD, Then the Digi will wait until it can parse out the word "CLIENT" from the serial data being sent to it, Much like a login prompt would be sent to the Digi if it were to dial an ISP, before sending "CLIENTSERVER" back to the Direct cable connection. Once it sends "CLIENTSERVER" to the Direct cable connection, then PPP negotiation will commence, and you will get your network connection via PPP.
Last updated: May 23, 2019

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