XBee over-the-air (OTA) firmware update using the XCTU

Updating firmware over the air (OTA) via X-CTU:

1. Add a network radio to XCTU. Put this radio into API mode 1 (AP=1) and BAUD rate of 115200 (BD=7) to speed up further steps.     

2. In the Radio Modules list select the ‘Discover Radio Modules’ Button. 

3. XCTU will perform a network discovery. You can then select ‘Add selected devices’ to add the remote radio to the radio modules list as a small sub item under the local radio.

4. Selecting the remote radio from the list, XCTU will load the settings of the remote radio. You can then select update from the top of the ‘Radio Configuration’ window.

5. You can now select your target firmware and update the radio.

6. You can continue through the XCTU warnings. If using the Zigbee protocol, the radio will leave the network after the update and will be set to default values. You will need to flash your coordinator radio to the new firmware as well or have a second base station radio for the new firmware. You will also need to be able to communicate with a radio on default settings or have a strategy to update the settings of the now updated radio.
Last updated: Oct 01, 2020

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