Xig Python application

From the Lamp based Xig application:

The XBee Internet Gateway ("XIG") is an application written for Digi's
ConnectPort series of XBee-to-IP gateways.  The XBee Internet Gateway
gives any device the ability to connect seamlessly to the Internet by
mirroring the interactions humans have with web browsers. Any device
with an XBee radio can send a web URL to the XIG and receive back the
contents of that web page. All the tricky technical aspects of web
connections are all handled for you behind the scenes.

This simple service gives your prototype or device a simple yet completely
flexible pathway to any web service that you can imagine, including posting
sensor values, scraping Facebook or commanding your robotic kitten army.

XIG offeres a myriad of other interesting and useful communications services
to your XBee network.  For complete documentation and setup instructions
please visit:


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Last updated: Jun 20, 2019

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