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Digi 6330-MX LTE Router for Flexible Business Continuity at Any Location

Feb 13, 2018 | Length: 1:52

Accelerate your networking solutions and eliminate downtime with the Digi 6330-MX LTE Router that features multiple WAN connectivity options (Ethernet or cellular) with load balancing and failover. Read how this connectivity eliminates downtime for businesses who depend on their network to avoid outages that can immediately impact revenue or reputation.

With the Digi CORE 1002-CM Plug-In modem, the Digi 6330-MX LTE Router can connect to mobile networking using the 4G LTE standard that best suits it’s given use case. Read how this LTE router with WAN and WWAN provides business continuity at any location.

Larger locations and data-intensive applications may turn to the LTE-Advanced (Category 6) version of the Digi CORE 1002-CM for the fastest cellular speeds commercially available while others may opt for the cost-saving deployment of a standard LTE (Category 4) connection. All Digi 6330-MX's come with an installation kit that includes a battery pack for site surveys to help determine signal availability, a PoE injector for remote powering options and a variety of mounting accessories designed to ensure the Digi 6330-MX is optimally placed for the strongest cellular reception. Additionally, it is certified across all major carriers, giving customers the ability to select the best carrier for their given location.