Yocto Project for Embedded Systems Design

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June 07, 2017

Choosing an operating system (OS) for an embedded product design is one of the most complex and critical tasks before you launch into your design process, as this decision has significant long-term ramifications that affect both development and the market success of a product.

There are several factors that make choosing a Linux-based OS a smart choice such as:

  • Acquisition cost
  • Source code availability
  • Broad architecture support

If you select a well-supported open source OS, these factors can lead to a significantly improved time-to-market and a reduction in platform design risk and effort.

It is a bit like cooking a complex recipe when you have all the ingredients on hand, and the right tools at the ready, vs. attempting to create an expert culinary creation from scratch with no foundation of tools or ingredients. Which method is more likely to lead to success, and in a timely fashion?

That said, choosing a specific Linux-based OS can be confusing.

Many ask: With so many Linux-based platforms available in the market, why use the Yocto Project instead of a standard non-embedded binary distribution such as Debian or Ubuntu?  

Digi's technical brief, Yocto Project: The Right Choice for Embedded Systems Design, provides an overview and answer to that fundamental question.

The Yocto Project is often described as an umbrella project; that is, a group of different open source projects hosted by the Linux Foundation that come together to collaborate on tools, best practices and software to help create custom Linux-based embedded operating system platforms.

This means you never start from scratch, and never have to feel like you are building something from nothing. What's more, with regular releases Yocto project is well-maintained and constantly advancing. Digi's Yocto instance, Digi Embedded Yocto, provides a wide range of support libraries and documentation to assist you in developing your next project and getting to market on your timeline.

How to get started:

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