Digi Connect IT 48, console access server with 48 serial ports

Related to: Digi Connect IT 16/48

Digi Connect IT 48

  • Base hardware: (2) RJ45 10/100/1G Ethernet, (2) SFP+ Ports; (48) RS-232 (Standard/reversed mode selectable), (1) Console port
  • Cellular network: Digi CORE™ LTE modems support Global LTE Cat 4 cellular connectivity with 3G / 2G fallback
  • Remote managerment: Digi Remote Manager®
  • Power: Use with power supply kit, provides dual replaceable redundant internal power
  • Accessories: 2 meter Ethernet cable; D89 to RJ45 console adapter
  • Required accessory kits: (1) Power supply kit (ITPS-PSIK or ITPS-PSEK)
  • Optional accessories: Digi CORE LTE modems (recommended module: 1002-CMG4-GLB), accessory adapters
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Accessories & Related Products

Power supply kits
SKU: ITPS-PSIK Digi Connect IT 16/48 dual power supply kit (mandatory accessory, each device requires one kit), port side intake, use for deployment when serial ports will be serviced in a cold aisle or
device will be deployed in an ambient environment
ITPS-PSIK How to Buy
SKU: ITPS-PSEK Digi Connect IT 16/48 dual power supply kit (mandatory accessory, each device requires one kit), port side exhaust, use when serial ports will be serviced from hot aisle ITPS-PSEK How to Buy
SKU: 76000670 Digi DB-25 male modem adapter (8-pack) 76000670 How to Buy
SKU: 76000671 Digi DB-9 female console adapter (8-pack) 76000671 How to Buy
SKU: 76000672 Digi DB-25 male console adapter (8-pack) 76000672 How to Buy
SKU: 76000673 Digi DB-25 female console adapter (8-pack) 76000673 How to Buy
SKU: 76000702 Digi DB-9 male modem adapter (8-pack) 76000702 How to Buy
Digi CORE LTE modems
SKU: 1002-CMG4-GLB Digi CORE plug-In LTE modem — Global LTE Cat 4, 3G / 2G fallback
  • LTE Cat 4 with 3G / 2G fallback (Global)
  • Industrial temperature: −40 °C to 70 °C (−40 °F to 158 °F)
  • Cellular certifications: PTCRB, AT&T, Verizon, Telus, US, Canada, Europe
1002-CMG4-GLB How to Buy
Digi Remote Manager
Digi Remote Manager
Digi Remote Manager is the technology platform enabling and automating the deployment, monitoring and management of thousands of devices from a single point of command. Compare Digi’s multiple offerings and varying subscription terms to meet your business needs.
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Digi Containers
Digi Remote Manager enables deployment of custom applications via containers
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