How to Configure Secure, Remote, Serial Communication via Cellular with Digi Connect EZ 4i

With Digi Connect® EZ serial servers, users can communicate securely with remote facilities in several different ways. You can use a mobile private network to create a secure connection over cellular, a standard IPsec tunnel or an open VPN. In this brief guide, you’ll see how you can set up a secure connection to your Digi Connect EZ 4i application server in a few simple steps, using the Digi Navigator™ tool.

Configure Secure Serial Communication with Digi Connect EZ 4i

Follow this easy set of steps to configure secure serial communication over cellular to remote facilities with Digi Connect EZ 4i.

Step 1

First, you will need to download and install Digi Navigator™ which allows you to quickly discover the IP address of Connect EZ devices on your network. On the webpage, select your operating system and click “download”.

Digi NavigatorAfter it is downloaded, select your installation option and click “install”.

Once it is successfully installed, launch Digi Navigator.

To start, because the PC is on a different subnet from Digi Connect EZ 4i server, you have to specify the IP address.

By clicking on the Specify a device dropdown menu, you can enter the IP address.


Step 2

Network interfacesYou can look at the dashboard under Network Interfaces and see the modem is up and running.

Under Modems, you can also see the LTE cellular connection and the signal strength.


Step 3

Click Modem under Network InterfacesBy clicking on Modem, you can confirm that you received an IP address. The type of IP you receive will be directly related to the APN/Features provided by the cellular provider. We generally use our Mobile Private Network that provides a Private IP.

Under Network Device you can see that there is an APN net.

This is what we are using for this communication.


Step 4

Tera TermLastly, you can pull up Tera Term, or similar application, and click File, then New Connection, to see that COM1 is tied to Port 1.

There will be a short delay because of the distance being traveled by the signal, and then you have secure communication.

You can also watch the video to see the configuration in action:

Secure serial video

For further configuration support, connect with a Digi support expert.

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