Description of chronyd Operation and NTP sample frequency within XBee Gateway and ConnectPort X2e SE operating system

Options from Remote Manager Device UI (DCUI)

The Gateway’s DCUI --- Advanced Configuration --- Time Server --- NTP Time Precision setting contains two options: 


  1. Standard = minpoll, maxpoll=16 or 2 to the 16th power = Gateway polls every 65536 seconds (i.e. every 18.2 hours, just under once per day)
  2. High = minpoll=6, maxpoll=10 or an algorithmic variable rate from 64 to 1024 seconds (1 min 4 seconds to just over 17 minutes)

The minpoll/maxpoll settings control the rate at which the chronyd daemon within the XBee Gateway/ConnectPort X2e for Smart Energy Linux operating system polls for NTP samples from an NTP server such as

Operation and Expected Behavior During NTP Outage:

Typical behavior after a Gateway loses a connection with its configured NTP server (typically is that the Gateway will send NTP sample requests at a faster rate than normal (frequent rate), at almost once per minute (reflects the minpoll=6 setting behavior).

As chronyd establishes that the Gateway has reached "equilibrium" where NTP sampling is concerned and time is again accurate, the NTP sampling will slow down to the normal or "Infrequent" rate of sampling NTP at just under once per day (this corresponds to the min/maxpoll=16 state).


Additional Information:

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Last updated: Apr 02, 2019

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