Digi Device Discovery Tool or ADDP Shows Device as Misconfigured

The Digi Device Discovery Tool will figure out what it believes to be your Network Adapters IP Address and Submask, and if a Digi Unit on the network reports back with an IP address that does not seem to line up it will report the Unit as mis-configured. In the Example below the IP Address and Submask the PC is using is and When the Digi Device Discovery Tool sees the unit with a IP address it will recognize the fact you can not communicate to it (as it is on a different network segment) and report back to you it is mis-configured. Please note that the utility will not report back mis-configured if, for instance, the serial ports on the device are not setup correctly in how you intend to use them, mis-configured only applies to the IP settings of the unit.


**** The following unit is MIS-CONFIGURED ****
Mac                      : 00:40:9d:xx:xx:xx
IP                           :
Submask              :
Name                   : (null)
Domain                : (null)
Firmware             : Version 8200####_X 05/15/2015
Hardware            : ConnectPort TS 16 MEI
Revision               : 0
RealPort              : 771
Gateway              :
DNS                      :
DHCP                    : On
The above ADDP example shows the device as having an Auto-IP,  which indicates the unit is configured to obtain a DHCP IP address and was unable to obtain one from a DHCP server on the LAN.

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Last updated: Jun 12, 2019

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