Digi ESP connectivity tips

The Digi ESP is an integrated visual Python code development tool.  It is designed to assist in the development of Python code for Digi products.  Here are some basic things to verify connectivity between the development system and the Digi device

If you are facing connectivity issues with Digi ESP, make sure you have all the following ports opened:

  • 7: Used to validate the connection with the device.
  • 22 (Default): Used to connect via SSH.
  • 23 (Default): Used to connect via Telnet.
  • 80: Used for web services operations (transfer files, reboot, etc).
  • 4146 (Default): Used for the Command Line Interface presentation of iDigi Dia.
  • 5678: Used for remotely debug”

For more information, see Digi ESP for Python

Last updated: Mar 22, 2019

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